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The New Dynamics of Family

The New Dynamics of Family

Havas Global Comms

Havas Global Comms

January 16, 2015

1 in 3 millennials believes marriage will eventually be obsolete

What comes to mind when you think of the “traditional family”? For older people in much of the world, that means a husband who financially supports the family, a stay-at-home mom, and their children. In the U.S., that configuration accounted for 60% of households in 1972. Today, it is down to just 4%. Without question, family—society’s most vital building block—is undergoing a fundamental transformation, with implications for society, individuals, and brands.

Based on an online survey of 6,767 men and women in 20 countries, this Prosumer Report explores structural shifts within the modern family, changing family relationships, parenting in the digital age, and the impact of children on consumption habits.

Key findings include:

The TV family is off the mark. Whereas popular culture in much of the developed world loves to highlight the dysfunctional family, our study shows that the positives far outweigh the negatives for most people. Around three-quarters of our global sample said their family is a source of joy and nearly two-thirds said it is a source of comfort, while just 15% said it is a source of stress.

Is marriage on its way out? There are plenty of signs that marriage is less important than it used to be. Most people in the 20 countries surveyed believe it is fine for a couple to live together and have children without benefit of marriage. And 6 in 10 millennials say it is actually better for a couple to live together prior to marriage. The sample was split on the question of whether marriage will eventually be obsolete.

Family in the digital age. Humanity is caught up in an angst-filled lovefest with digital technology. We love it. We crave it. We need it. And yet…oh, how we worry about what it is doing to us as individuals and as a society!. And we especially worry about what it is doing to the youngest among us. How bad is it? A majority of those we surveyed around the globe believe that digital technology and the internet are ruining childhood.

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