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Digital and the New Consumer

Digital and the New Consumer

Havas Global Comms

Havas Global Comms

July 16, 2013

Nearly 8 in 10 global respondents worry at least occasionally about the safety of their financial information when shopping online

Consumers are moving on from the relatively simple and static model of e-commerce to the more complex and dynamic systems of m-shopping, using a mix of fixed and mobile devices. These devices are radically changing the consumer-brand relationship, fostering expectations of easy access to information, worthwhile interactions, and immediate responses from brand partners. To create preference, brands must make smart use of data to engage people at point of purchase with tailored offers that convince them to close the deal.


As e-commerce moves into the mobile sphere, growing numbers of consumers are making their smartphones and other mobile devices a regular part of their purchasing processes. This worldwide trend is moving fastest in certain emerging markets, where switched-on consumers are proving more apt to embrace m-shopping than are their developed-market peers. The study draws on findings from a survey of 10,219 men and women in 31 countries.

Key findings include:

Smartphones are changing the in-store experience. A majority of millennials in the global sample have used a smartphone to check for a better price or for customer reviews online while shopping for a product in a store.

Peer reviews can make or break a sale. More than 6 in 10 respondents trust peer reviews of products and services more than they trust expert reviews. On this question, we see higher agreement rates from millennials and Prosumers, indicating that this attitude will spread. And, contrary to popular opinion, consumers are not more apt to share bad experiences than good. That’s great news for retailers, given that a sizable percentage of respondents say that finding a single negative comment online can dissuade them from completing a purchase.

Brands need to earn their presence on social media channels. Consumers are ambivalent about the presence of brands in social media, with many considering them intrusive. At best, brands need to earn their place by being responsive to complaints made through social media channels or by offering discounts or prizes.

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