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Beyond COVID

Beyond COVID

Havas Global Comms

Havas Global Comms

May 29, 2020

Sparked by the pandemic, our Prosumer team fielded a separate to determine the ways in which COVID-19 has impacted the mindsets of consumers.

"The health crisis has heightened people’s desire for radical transformation"

Earlier this year, as Havas’ Prosumer team worked on its latest study “ReACT”, the world was hit by the pandemic. In our lifetimes, global citizens have never been more connected by an experience. Anticipating the impact the pandemic would have on the industry, the team began to field an additional report “Beyond COVID-19”, to analyze how the crisis would impact people’s desire for change and alter the mindsets of consumers. Leveraging itself off “ReACT”, the additional study surveyed participants in seven countries, and found that the crisis has only heightened and accelerated people’s desire for radical action when it comes to meaningful change. 


Key Findings

  • Big Change is Needed: The health crisis has heightened people’s desire for radical transformation. As the world continues to weather the pandemic, 65% of respondents expect stronger actions from governments and companies to bring about change. 93% of Prosumers believe the capitalist model needs to be reinvented in the aftermath of the pandemic.


  • Divide Needs to Be Addressed: Many of the study’s respondents believe the pandemic has shined a light on the social divide. 85% of Prosumers believe the crisis has reinforced inequality and privilege in society. Because of the impending economic crisis, it is feared that divisions will only intensify.


  • Worst is Yet to Come: 82% of people fear the economic crisis will be greater than the health crisis and 70% say they will be more careful with their money. Affordability, therefore, will be a key stake and imperative for brands.


  • Experience Transformation: Following the pandemic, the consumer experience will have to meet new fundamental needs, such as security and hygiene, digital by default, and flexibility.  Brands will have to reclaim their role by showing how they contribute to the new essentials that the lockdown has brought to light including the pleasure of being with family, the importance of home and the value of quality entertainment.


  • Brands Expected to Reinvent: 70% of Prosumers believe that big companies need to drive positive change in order to transform our models and champion a desirable future while 77% of Prosumers prefer to buy products from a brand that has a strong vision of the future.

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