What is a Prosumer?

The leading-edge 15-20% of consumers, Prosumers are:

  • First to market (usually 6-18 months ahead of the mainstream)
  • Forward thinking
  • Influential
  • Proactive
  • Socially and/or environmentally conscious

What are Prosumer Reports?

Prosumer Reports is a series of thought leadership publications by Havas Group—part of a global initiative to share information and insights, including our own proprietary research, across the Havas network and client companies. The Prosumer team typically releases three or four reports a year. 

How are Prosumer surveys conducted?

Each year, the team selects three or four broad topics and creates provocative questions to better understand emerging trends in these areas. Our research partner, Market Probe International, translates the questions for use across a number of markets. The surveys are conducted online among a general population sample in each country. Each survey is completed in a single sitting. To ensure accuracy, Market Probe uses a number of quality-assurance checks, including but not limited to straight-line checks, speed checks, red-herring questions, and a review of open-ended responses. For more information, please contact Doug Ethé-Sayers at Market Probe International: doug@marketprobeint.com or +1 212 725 7676 x12. 

How do you determine who qualifies as a Prosumer?

We use a proprietary nine-question algorithm to separate Prosumers from the mainstream. To keep current, the questions are revisited and the algorithm is updated every one to three years.

How long have Prosumer Reports existed?

The “Prosumerism in America” benchmark study was fielded in 2002. In 2004, the first global Prosumer study was conducted, in nine countries. In the ensuing years, Havas Group’s Prosumer studies have become instrumental in predicting emerging trends in consumer attitudes and behaviors. 

Why is the study of Prosumerism important?

Our Prosumer studies provide useful insights that can be leveraged in multiple ways, serving as a springboard for both creative ideation and strategic planning. By exploring emerging trends across categories and markets, this proprietary tool enables Havas and its clients to predict today what tomorrow will look like—and get there ahead of competitors.  

What kinds of topics do Prosumer Reports cover?

Each year’s topics are different and are chosen according to client priorities. Recent explorations have included gender, health, urbanization, food, finance, technology, and more. To see a full listing of our Prosumer Reports, please click here

How many countries are included in each study?

The number of countries varies by year. In 2019, we had 37 countries participate. In 2020, we have 28.

How many people are surveyed?

The number of people surveyed depends on how many countries from within the Havas network choose to participate and the sample size each wishes to collect. In 2019, we had 17K respondents. In 2020, we have 13K. Over the years, we have surveyed a combined total of 25K Prosumers and 130,000 mainstream consumers.

How can I download a Prosumer Report?

Great question! Havas Group employees can instantly access all Prosumer Reports on Agora. Clients can gain immediate access through their account team. If you are not a Havas Group employee or client, you can click here to locate a report that interests you, and click on “Complete the form” to submit your request.   We welcome feedback and topic suggestions. Please reach out to prosumerreports@havas.com with questions or comments.