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Open your Outlook and grab your blazer, because Havas Media Group just launched Havas Business – a new global offering which aims to disrupt B2B marketing with a ‘boardroom-ready’ marketing solution that unlocks meaningful value and growth in B2B for brands.
We spoke to David Goodall, Managing Director at Havas Business, to learn more about the new offering.

Can you give us some background on Havas Business and why you decided to launch it?

We’ve been working closely with B2B brands for a few years now and it has been a source of major growth for us. What we’ve learnt is that there is a clear need for brands to review comms and media approaches in B2B based around three key sea changes: 1) the emergence of new buyers in the marketplace that cannot be targeted effectively through traditional B2B routes means there is a new media landscape built on channel accretion; 2) the rise of brand purpose on the agenda of B2B brands means, for example, there is a need for greater long-term brand building rather than on short-term brand metrics that we see currently; and finally 3) advanced analytics is leading to a measurement overhaul. As these all converge, the B2B marketing landscape is ripe for change and that makes this the right time to launch a new division devoted to B2B, Havas Business.

How does creativity factor into Havas Business?

Creativity has sometimes taken a back-seat in B2B when instead it really needs to be in the driving seat. As such, our B2B success is rooted in bucking that trend. Creativity is at the heart of how we plan for clients and it is the elixir that helps brands succeed in B2B –  from assets all the way through to channel activation.

“It’s inspiring to play an active role in helping clients take sustainable and indeed ethical media choices.”

How does this offering compare to competitor offerings?

We believe we have all the power, skills, capability and resolute backing of a global communication giant coupled with a boutique approach that makes us unique to the B2B category. We challenge the status quo with robust data and outcomes that are ‘boardroom ready’ so we can elevate the conversation from purely bottom of the funnel performance-led outputs to full funnel long-term brand and business growth drivers.

Does sustainability play a role in Havas Business? If so, how?

Sustainability plays a huge role in everything Havas Media Group does – which is why we’re well on course to achieving the coveted B Corp status – and our B2B corner is no exception. It’s inspiring to play an active role in helping clients take sustainable and indeed ethical media choices. It is imperative that we all play our part in making everything we do meaningful and future proofed for clients and the planet. Sustainability’s not just the right thing to do, it’s often the most successful.

What are your priorities for the offering over the next few years?

A successful launch is our first priority and we’re well on our way to that now. Awards and industry recognition are a great way of proving effectiveness, especially when judged by your peers. We’ve already done well on this front but as ever, there’s always more to grasp at. So we would love to expand our award-winning work across more clients to prove not just how good our output looks, but the efficacy of that work with clearly defined long-term business results. More awards are creating B2B categories now and we’re still the only EVER winner of The WARC Grand Prix for Effectiveness at Cannes. Longer-term, I’d like to grow our client base and ultimately for B2B to be known as the place that can rival any other media business in creative effectiveness.

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