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Hannah Lindley joined Havas Group in October 2021 as a Senior Writer and Editor. She has a background in corporate reputation management, journalism, and creative writing.
Every 6 months, Havas Group releases an edition of Dare! magazine – completed in partnership with our global offices – that focuses on client work and internal Havas initiatives that speak to our global mission of meaningful purpose. To close out 2021, Havas Group India took the lead on the sixth edition of the magazine, focusing on the communities both within and outside of Havas that shape us today.
We spoke with Pritha Dasgupta, CMO, Havas Group India and Arindam Sengupta, Chief Client Officer, Havas Worldwide India & Head of Integration, Havas Group India about their experience working on the latest edition of Dare!.

How did your team get involved in architecting and leading this edition of Dare!?

Pritha Dasgupta – The opportunity to create Dare! #6 came to us at an interesting time – Havas Group India has been experiencing unparalleled momentum, despite the tough market circumstances. Going from Rana’s interview in Dare! #5 where he spoke about this unprecedented growth to the opportunity to put together the entire magazine was momentous for us. At a time when each one of us experienced isolation and social distancing in some form or another over the past two years, we collectively came to the decision that Dare! #6 would stand for the cohesive power of Community, and its ever-expanding role in our professional as well as personal lives today. 

How did you come up with the concept for the magazine?

Pritha Dasgupta – The theme of Dare! #6 is The Power of Community and its increasingly important role in our lives today. Finalising the concept was a result of intense brainstorming between the India and Paris teams – we decided that the theme of this edition couldn’t be more fitting than centering on community, and how each one of us can bravely navigate this challenging time by being agile and adaptive to the rapidly changing circumstances. The theme reinforces the fact that humans can conquer any adversity when we collaborate as a collective. 

“Dare #6 is not a magazine, it’s an emotion. And it will remain that way forever!”

Pritha Dasgupta

What was your favourite part of working on the magazine?

Arindam Sengupta – Conceptualising each page of Dare! #6 was truly an exciting experience. What made it so gratifying was striking the perfect balance between the global design language with that of India’s vibrant and bold aesthetics. Coupled with our country’s rich heritage of art and culture, the confluence of multiple crafts, languages, architecture, artefacts make the tapestry of the magazine multi-dimensional. Designing Dare! #6 was our gateway to showcase India’s vast treasure-trove of culture while being in alignment with our global vision. The magazine gave us the platform to blend this all in and showcase modern, contemporary India. 

What propelled this further was the variety of content that came from all our offices across the globe. Therefore, chiselling out a unique design for each page was a great high. Each week, it was very exciting to see if the content and the design blended seamlessly.

Were there any parts of the process that surprised or excited you the most?

Pritha Dasgupta – The most exciting part undoubtedly was the passion, focus, commitment, and drive of the entire team – that was an energy that was intact till the last day. The depth and variety of the content allowed us to think out-of-the-box and create a differentiated design language for each of the 48 pages of Dare! #6. It gave us tons of opportunities to articulate the spirit of community through contemporary Indian art. 

However, the biggest high was to create the cover page and the poster, which is a true embodiment of community in a very powerful way. So, for us Dare! #6 is not a magazine, it’s an emotion. And it will remain that way forever!

You can read Dare! #6 in its entirety here.

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