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Patricia Murphy joined Havas Group in October 2019 as a Senior Editor and Writer. She has a background in digital journalism and content creation.


Bringing together more than 1200 people across Havas and spanning across 18 Villages, the newly launched CX network will use the Group’s unique talent, insight, methodology and mission to elevate the customer experience and guide clients to engage with consumers in a more meaningful way. Here, the pair discuss the development of Havas CX and how the network will give Havas a sharper edge.  

What was the drive to create Havas CX? 

Tracey BarberTo be greater than the sum of our parts and simply, be better together. We have a depth of expertise across CX – from digital transformation to engagement and user experience. But, despite these first class businesses being integrated into our Havas Villages, we have not, until now, been able to bring them together as a network in their own right, to deliver on the CX opportunities we are seeing more and more of. 

Experience has become key to brand value – 80% of companies believe they deliver superior experience but only 8% of customers agree. How will the CX network narrow the gap? 

Yann Doussot: Today, customer experience is the bedrock on which a brand is built – indeed, the majority of a consumer’s experience of any brand will be through the multiple signature moments and personal interactions with it. As technology advances, almost any conceivable purchase is just a couple of clicks away and the opportunities for brands to get it right, or wrong, are manifold. CX is the new battleground – and the brands that get it right will win, and those that don’t will lose. Our job as brand guardians, is to ensure that we lead our clients to the right strategies so that they become the winners! 

Can you tell us a little about the Global CX network and what types of expertise and talent it pools together? 

Tracey Barber: Havas CX will span 18 major Havas Villages around the world, with key hubs in London, Paris, New York and Mumbai. It brings together the brilliant teams in our global agency groups including ekino (digital transformation), BETC FullSix (customer experience), Havas helia (customer engagement) as well as award-winning leaders in their markets including Plastic Havas, Langoor, Boondoggle, Gate One, Think Design, Project House and Intellignos. 

The CX process focuses on three stages, Transformation, Delivery and Engagement, can you take us through each of these? 

Yann Doussot: From strategy, to consulting, data, technology, design and content, the new CX network brings together a multitude of experts from across the Havas network who build meaningful experiences along the end-to-end customer journey.   

We call the first pillar “Transform” – which means that we are equipped to help clients go through structural organization and business transformation internally and externally. This is the closest to what consulting groups provide in the industry and we can compete in that space with great players like Gate One. 

The second pillar is “Delivery” – this covers everything that we will design and build to create meaningful experiences at every touch point of the customer journey. From the research that informs the development of a detailed customer journey with our great Arcadia tool, to the development of a new website or ecomm platform for our clients with the Ekino team, we have pockets of expertise across the entire network and regions. 

The third is “Engagement” – which really means everything that needs to be thought through and deployed to bring the new product or experience to the world and orchestrate the interactions between brands and customers. We have great expertise in CRM, loyalty program and database management with our Helia group in this space. It is also where we could bring in experts from the Media group on developing an omnichannel planning strategy. 

In what way does CX draw from Havas’ insights and tools? 

Tracey Barber: Havas CX’s competitive advantage lies in its ability to combine this deep-rooted, newly coordinated CX expertise, with Havas’ rich insights into modern consumers (via its proprietary Meaningful Brands study of 350,000 consumers, its ground-breaking Prosumer studies of ‘leading edge’ consumers, and its X Index – a new barometer for measuring and managing customer experience). All this, together with our unique, integrated Village model, establishes our ability to look at customer experience from a more holistic, comprehensive and less siloed perspective.

How does CX translate to specialized parts of our business, for example health & wellness? 

Yann Doussot: Recently, the health industry has seen dramatic acceleration in widespread digital migration. Emerging methods of providing care along with significant shifts in patient and provider behaviors and mindsets are fueling this change and creating more of a necessity for digital CX fluency among contemporary health companies. A deep understanding of data-led experience will put us at a great advantage to meet the challenges of our clients and create more seamless, informative and productive health experiences that will ultimately result in better patient outcomes. Within the Havas CX network, we are equipped with the tools needed to tackle the health customer experience more effectively than ever before with a focus on transformation, delivery, and engagement. 

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