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Hannah Lindley joined Havas Group in October 2021 as a Senior Writer and Editor. She has a background in corporate reputation management, journalism, and creative writing.
In Lithuania, our Havas Group team recently merged its social media and creative agencies, meeting the need for integrated solutions for its clients.
Dare! spoke with Šarūnas Mikelevičius, Havas Group Lithuania CEO, and Arijus Zakas, CEO of SOMA agency and Havas Creative, to learn more about this integration and why they value being part of the Havas team.

Havas Group Lithuania has gone through a recent reorganisation – can you tell us more about that process and the reason for doing so?

Šarūnas Mikelevičius – Integrated offerings have always been in Lithuanian agencies’ DNA. Two years ago, we understood that Social Media & Creative teams needed to work as one, as more and more clients are asking for integrated solutions. That led us to merge our social media and creative agencies into one – allowing us to bring digital creative and social media-fuelled offerings to our clients.

Agency leadership with Arijus Žakas at the helm took this challenge as an opportunity and tackled it with great enthusiasm. I‘m very delighted and thankful for the team and our clients who believed in this transformation.

Arijus Zakas – We’ve started a process of combining all of our creative, digital and social media disciplines and creating one big team of professionals. The team is following one streamlined process, where everything starts with a strategy, and then goes to the creative department, our in-house production, design and advertising teams.

What is your philosophy as an agency and how does it help how you work with your clients?

AZ – Our philosophy is based on 7 values that we follow in our daily lives. The most important one is always asking ‘why’ and understanding the purpose of every action that we take. All our work has to be meaningful and create value – that’s why it’s important to know why we’re doing what we’re doing. Why are we doing this project? Why did we create this? Why did we offer this solution? Why should the client want to work with us? We truly believe that to our clients we are not a supplier, but a fully fledged partner.

“All our work has to be meaningful and create value – that’s why it’s important to know why we’re doing what we’re doing.” 

Arijus Zakas

What have some of your greatest successes as an agency been?

AZ – There are a couple of different approaches to this question. First of all, our greatest success is our people. We’ve managed to create an amazing team of professionals, who are competent, passionate and hungry for challenges. We don’t make any compromises when talking about quality. Our second greatest success is our clients. We are very fortunate to have the possibility to work with top-level brands in our region because of how fast we are growing, and we are treated as a reliable, professional and powerful partner. And last, but not least, is success in terms of our results. I wouldn’t say that only awards or trophies show how good an agency is, but I am very proud to say that most of our clients stay with us for many years. We have some clients who we’ve worked with for 5 or even 7 years. And as we are operating in one of the most dynamic sectors, I believe this result is just amazing.

What has your experience been like working as a part of the Havas network? What do you think the greatest benefits are?

AZ – We are proud to be a part of the Havas Network. We are heavy users of Agora, we’ve passed most of Havas University’s exams and we love Meaningful Brands. So being a part of the Havas family is a big privilege for us. We believe in the meaningful philosophy – even when we weren’t a part of the Havas network, we were moving in that direction. Meaningful solutions, meaningful relations and meaningful difference is one of the most important parts of our job. And it’s also very important that we are an integrated agency, where many different people from different agencies or disciplines are working for one purpose – the success of our clients.

“It is a true inspiration to be in the Havas family.”


Is there anything else we didn’t ask that you’d like to mention or highlight? 

AZ – We are very proud and happy to work on Havas global initiatives. During the last few years we’ve helped with the Dare! magazine design, Meaningful Brands digital and design solutions, and also worked on some other projects. That’s how we are involved on an international level, and through this work, we feel connected to the network. Our employees have visited Havas international offices to learn something new and share some of our experiences. It is a true inspiration to be in the Havas family.

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