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Hannah Lindley joined Havas Group in October 2021 as a Senior Writer and Editor. She has a background in corporate reputation management, journalism, and creative writing.
The Cannes Lions Festival couldn’t exist without the people that make winning campaigns possible – its jurors! We sat down with one of several of our talented Havas team members to learn more about the judging process and the unique perspective they bring to this undertaking.
Sanchita Roy, Head of Strategy for Havas Media Group India, will help judge the Creative Strategy category at Cannes Lions this week – hear more from her below!

What’s the best campaign you’ve seen this year?

I have seen some phenomenal work this year, but the campaigns that have stayed with me are the ones that have had the max impact on consumer lives in a meaningful way, whether by creating products that enhance social and economic causes or by reinventing the business model to help prevent environmental pollution. My favourite work has done by brands like IKEA, Heineken, Burger King, and Tourism Boards like Sweden and Iceland – just to name a few!

What specific elements will you be looking for in the winning campaigns in your category?

Work that is rooted either in cultural truth or campaigns that are based on strong consumer insights. Winning work has to make a meaningful difference to not only consumers but also to the business at large. It should have undeniable impact and inspire the creative world to raise the bar of success.

Sustainability is more of a global priority than ever. Will a focus on this be a deciding factor in your judging this year?

Absolutely. We have seen brands doing some amazing work in the sustainability space, but what we need to watch out for is genuine, authentic work in the space and not greenwashing in the name of sustainability. Brands can no longer work in a silo – they are now required to contribute to the world around them. What is encouraging is that a lot of brands have already started talking the language of purpose-led communication to make a meaningful difference to society and communities around them. 

What individual perspective do you feel you bring to the judging process?

It’s a very fine line between creative strategy vs creative effectiveness, so every piece of work has to be looked at from the lens of what it did to the brand or the business at large. Did it have broader impact on individual lives and society at large? Was it creative and innovative enough? As long as it delivered on those objectives in a breakthrough manner, I see that as a campaign that deserves a place in the final shortlists!

What are some of the trends that you feel are dominating at Cannes this year?

Diversity and Inclusivity is one such trend – brands are changing their business models to create products and services that are more inclusive for all. 

Sustainability is the other trend that I have observed in a lot of work this year. There is a collective consciousness of wanting to give back to society and, in the process, better people’s lives and their communities. I find that quite encouraging!

The third trend that I have seen is a focus on the Metaverse. There are several new brands that have already started the journey into the Metaverse space, and it is interesting to see how all of us will be making our way within this new space.

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