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Havas has recently unveiled its new automotive white paper – surveying consumers across nine key markets to understand global and local attitudes towards mobility, new technology and car ownership. The last few years have completely changed the auto landscape, from inflation to rising energy costs to shifting consumer behaviour. Before the pandemic, the industry was in a large sales boom, but is now navigating a precarious global economy where consumer attitudes and demands have completely changed. Here are the four trends you can expect from the next few years in automotive!

Trend 1: The future is electronic

In general, people are very receptive to new technology, despite the challenges that may come with it. Our research shows that 76% of consumers believe that electric cars are the future of mobility and 88% say they could drive an electric car and still have a fun and pleasurable driving experience.

Trend 2: Shared mobility for todays economy

Today’s consumers are showing demand for business models that give them access to cars without needing to buy one and they have more options than ever before. 64% of them say they’d love to move around without owning a car and 54% believe that cities would be better if personal cars were forbidden, and people shared more.

Trend 3: Sustainable supply chain

Although consumers are critical of the industry’s decisions around the environment, with 65% of consumers who say car manufacturers are not doing enough to support the ecological transition, this isn’t usually a deal breaker. 69% of consumers say that they know their car is polluting the environment, but they have no other choice to move around in their daily life.

Trend 4: Smart city integration

Shared mobility services and increased EV adoption will completely revolutionise urban planning and how we design our cities for mobility. 53% of consumers say that it has become a nightmare to own and drive your car in cities – not to mention expensive.

Read the full report here.

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