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For the final Prosumer Report of 2022, we looked to explore the relationship that people have with animals and nature. Havas Group surveyed 14,594 men and women aged 18 and older in 30 markets to help answer some key questions about the roles that we, as humans, play within the Animal Kingdom.

Among the key findings:

Pets are our new gods

The new family royalty

Our pets are a staple part of family life for many people around the world. Through our research, we found that 81% of Prosumers considering them every bit as much a member of the family as their children, partner, or other relatives. Pets can be seen as the glue binding families together, an essential part of child development, or even a child stand-in. The term “fur baby” is even gaining popularity as a way to describe these important animals in our lives.

An antidote to anxiety and loneliness

In recent years, due to global conflicts and the pandemic, there has been an increase in isolation – and pets have come to the rescue of many to serve as a comfort.  The love and devotion pet owners have toward their animals seems to be returned in equal, or even greater, levels.

A proof of value

Pets can even display a person’s status within their community. From pictures on dating apps to the friends made at the dog park, having a pet can increase a person’s worth and even character. 44% of Prosumers that were surveyed in our study said that they would not trust a person who does not like pets.

With great love comes great responsibility

In some areas, not just anyone can own a pet. Potential owners are often subject to intensive background checks to prove their ability and worthiness of owning an animal – and 86% of Prosumers agree with this practice. The attention paid to the physical, and even emotional, wellbeing of our pets is on par to the levels shown to friends and family. But is it bordering on over-indulgence and -protection? After all, they are animals.

Are we moving from love for pets to love for all animals?

Because of their importance to our lives and the value they hold in society, extra measures are being taken to make sure that animals are being treated with the utmost respect. Whether this means making sure our kittens and puppies have the latest fashion, or enacting legislature with strict enforcement of animal rights and protection. As people become more attached—and attuned—to their pets, we are seeing an impact on attitudes toward other creatures within the animal kingdom.

Ideas around hunting and the consumption of meat are changing. 42% of Prosumers globally say that a desire to fight climate change would motivate them to stop eating meat, and 46% would be motivated to stop eating meat to ending animal suffering.

Making nature great again

When it comes to the state of our natural world, it can be difficult to know what to worry about first. We are seeing a growing recognition that all things are connected—humans, animals, and the natural environment—and they are all in peril.

86% of Prosumers feel an intense need to reconnect with nature in their daily lives; and we are feeling the increasing need to also protect it. The rise in extreme weather events has led to an increase in the urgency of this issue, 96% of Prosumers think everyone shares responsibility for educating others about how to protect our natural world

Lessons for brands:

Brands must step up by helping to entice and empower people to act.

Show that everything is connected: Respect for animals and respect for our overall environment are one and the same. The movement towards having a better world includes all these things, plus having a respectful and inclusive community.

Start early and live & learn outdoors: The children of the next generation are the ones who are going to lead the fight against harmful climate change. It is important to educate them with outdoor learning and play, so that they love and understand Mother Nature.

Show people what they risk losing: For 1 in 4 Prosumers, the word they most associate with nature is “fragility.” The world that we know, and love is already being negatively affected by changes to the environment – and so showing the worst of what can happen will motivate real change.

Help defend nature: Brands who are standing up and speaking out against destruction of the environment are met with positive reactions from consumers and the overall public opinion. Putting “your money where your mouth is” is something that is always respected by consumers and having a meaningful plan for helping to create a better environment is essential.

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