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Patricia Murphy joined Havas Group in October 2019 as a Senior Editor and Writer. She has a background in digital journalism and content creation.
Havas Group Spain’s Alejandra Chacón, Strategy Director, and Enrique Escalante, Head of People, chat to Dare! about the Village’s #WomensDayIsAlwaysToday initiative (March 1 to March 8), which aimed to elevate International Women’s Day and integrate equality into the core of the organisation.

Tell us about #WomensDayIsAlwaysToday and how the initiative was developed in Havas Group Spain.

Alejandra Chacón: #WomensDayIsAlwaysToday is an initiative that reminded us that beyond March 8, we need to remember that equality is a daily objective for a better future. Since the beginning of the pandemic, reports have shown the enormous impact this global health issue has had on women. There has been a work and family overload, an impact on mental health, an increase in gender violence, to cite just a few. While women are struggling, paradoxically the use of social noise words like “feminism” and “International Women’s Day” fell by 35% in 2020 vs 2019. We must ask ourselves, why are we paying less attention to equality and women’s issues, when it is more necessary than ever? How do we show social support for the cause in the face of the pandemic’s challenges?

“We must ask ourselves, why are we paying less attention to equality and women’s issues, when it is more necessary than ever?”

At Havas Group Spain, we created a participatory initiative that would remind us of the need to highlight women’s perspectives every day of the year and invite everyone to be a part of it. We wanted to create a social campaign featuring powerful portraits of many women along with the hashtag #WomensDayIsAlwaysToday, to centralise the social noise around it. In coordination with our HR department, we involved Gianfranco Tripodo, an award-winning photographer, whose expertise gave the pictures just the right tone, which was was instrumental in spreading our message. With the help of the creative agencies we prepared the content. Every day, four women appeared throughout our social networks and relayed the message, “Today is Women’s Day. Like yesterday. And like tomorrow”.

The negotiation team also involved our DOOH partners, who secured us outdoor space free of charge. Thanks to that, the campaign has had a national presence and secured great placement at iconic spots in Madrid. The communications team also shared the press release with the media in the sector, which had a great impact. The community teams linking the agencies were essential to roll out the initiative in a coordinated way.

What is involved in #WomensDayIsAlwaysToday. Can you tell us about how it plays out on Havas Group Spain’s social networks?

AC: The initiative was developed to run on all social platforms throughout Havas Group Spain (Havas Media Group, Arena Media, Havas Spain, Arnold Madrid, Havas Group and Havas Village Spain). In a coordinated way, pictures of four women were uploaded onto our social platforms each day, to remind us that #WomensDayIsAlwaysToday. On March 8, we shared a video with all 28 faces we saw during the week, which was shared through the social media profiles of the agencies.

“By building a sense of belonging in the agency and respecting and appreciating what makes people different, you empower them.”

We created a filter for Instagram where people could upload their photos and be an active part of the campaign. The filter replicated the campaign graphic and from the agencies’ profiles, participation and the use of the filter were encouraged. The filter changed every day, it could be used in Spanish or in English and will remain active throughout the year.

How can Havas Group Spain make a meaningful difference in areas of DE&I? What are some of the agency’s goals?

Enrique Escalante: Promoting DE&I through different actions is part of our Better Together strategy. This is done by building an inclusive culture where everyone is respected, and they can be themselves. By building a sense of belonging in the agency and respecting and appreciating what makes people different, you empower them. Our focus in 2021 will be to develop training and awareness initiatives surrounding important events and celebrations, create community and belonging internally and focus on data and the evolution of KPIs related to gender.

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