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The Global Mx Awards are back! Our 2023 edition will help us surface, recognise and celebrate the best Media Experiences around the entire Havas Media Network, along with the talented teams behind our strongest work.

This year there is an exciting novelty related to how we will determine our winning work: our jurors, selected by our Global Awards Team across the network, will be selecting accolades during live sessions which will be led by Dan Hagen.
As is the custom, Dare! spoke to 10 of our jurors from 9 different markets, here’s what they had to say:

Jan Simons
Managing Director Global Growth

What’s your Meaningful Media and why?
Radio BBC6Music – Radio has always been my favourite media and although my first musical love is definitely Indie/Rock stuff, BBC6 gives my grooviest pleasure: the Saturday evening ‘kitchen disco’ that is their ‘Funk & Soul’ show.

Beata Magdziarz
Chief Digital Officer, Havas Media Group Poland

What does Mx mean to you?
Mx is our path and a well thought out process of work. Great media experience demands a strategic approach along with an effective business impact on brands. Mx means methodology across creative and media campaigns that aligns all our services as well as providing a robust way of working.

Provit Chemmani
Global Managing Director, CoE Ecommerce & Paid Media

What ingredients should a winning campaign have?
I think for a successful campaign, knowing where we are starting and where we want to go is the most important ingredient. Campaign architecture – or as I call it, story planning – is about identifying the topics your customer is interested in and then reconciling them with what you’re trying to promote. Think about what narrative will guide the buyer to where you want them to go. Consistently communicating with your audiences over all channels is the best way to see growth and success.

Fiona Murray
Head of PPC, Havas Media Ireland

What excites you most about judging the Global Mx Awards?
I’m most excited about getting to work alongside fellow judges and recognise the high level of work being done across the network’s village. It’s an amazing opportunity to see not only the results achieved, but also how the strategy was developed and executed at each stage.

Diego Plazas
Havas CSO, Havas Group LATAM

What’s your Meaningful Media and why?
My most meaningful media nowadays is Succession, for me it’s one of the most jaw dropping portraits of what’s wrong with society and western priorisation of life.

Lizzie Nolan
Chief Transformation Officer Havas Media UK & International 

What ingredients should a winning campaign have?
Brilliant insights that trigger amazing ideas where consumers can connect with the brands in the media and content they love in a meaningful way.

Elias Reinheimer
Chief Creative Officer 

What does Mx mean to you?
The method to achieve knowledge driven creativity, creating powerful insights that spark creative media ideas.

Faön Mahunik
Head of Intelligence, North America, Havas Media USA

What’s your Meaningful Media and why?
My Meaningful Media is TikTok – I feel like the algorithm brings me a truly unique feed personalized for me, while keeping me in the loop on all the craziest trends and randomness. I never knew I needed to know – it is the most perfect content black hole for me at the end of the day.

Iñigo De Luis
Head of Strategy, Arena Media Spain 

What excites you most about judging the Global Mx Awards?
Discovering new approaches from different markets around the network to know how each one of them understands their role as an agency and how to create value for their clients.

Pamela Herrera
Digital Director, Havas Chile 

What ingredients should a winning campaign have?
There must be a connection and synergy between creative communication, optimal media mix and current context of each market. Creative communication should highlight aspects of emotionality and sensitivity.

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