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This past year, Havas UK has reaffirmed its commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion with the appointment of a new DE&I executive committee and the launch of an ambitious new charter, setting out the business’ commitments over the next five years.

Part of Havas’ global commitment to driving better representation, the committee comprises a diverse range of senior leaders from across Havas’ UK businesses and has been tasked with reviewing, developing and governing the UK group’s new 10-point charter, which builds upon the group’s existing ‘All In’ programme, having produced numerous initiatives aimed at furthering diversity and inclusion in all its guises. The extensive charter includes a focus on the promotion of women, Black, Asian & Minority Ethnic employees into senior management, equal pay, diversity support and education programs, and amplifying diverse voices — committing to embed a culture of equity, inclusion, and transparency for increased industry access to all.  

All the CEOs across Havas’ UK businesses have committed to the pledges contained in this charter, with the targets it outlines becoming formal KPIs. Spanning the next five years – including annual progress reports – it outlines the overarching principles which underpin Havas UK’s commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion. 

  • We have met our target of 50% women in senior management in Havas UK, now we commit to 50% women in the most senior roles* in our businesses by 2025.  
  • We recommit to achieving 25% Black, Asian & Minority Ethnic employees by 2025. We extend this commitment to include at least 10% Black, Asian & Minority Ethnic employees in senior management.  
  • We hereby extend the UK Government’s equal pay legislation to include ethnic background as well as gender. At Havas UK, every person in the same role, with the same level of skills, experience, competence and contribution to our business, is paid the same. 
  • We will actively develop and support programmes (both informal and formal) designed to remove the advancement hurdles faced by women and Black, Asian & Minority Ethnic employees.  
  • We commit to developing and growing our diversity education programmes and tools. This includes a promise that all new and existing staff will go through our ‘All In’ training programme. All staff will also complete Havas University diversity training. 
  • We commit to providing industry access to diverse talent through our placement schemes, partnerships with external organisations and recruitment practices. Long list candidates for consideration should be at least 50% female and 14% Black, Asian & Minority Ethnic.  
  • We commit to partnering with external organisations, charities, and businesses to educate young people from a range of backgrounds about our industry and the Havas story, to help them see us as a viable career choice.  
  • We commit to amplifying diverse voices^ both within our business and the industry, through partnerships, PR, thought leadership and events/speaking opportunities.  
  • We commit to embedding inclusive practices across our work and to improve representation throughout the creative and media process by working with diverse suppliers, diverse media owners, and partners promoting diverse working practices.  
  • We commit to communicating our progress each year to ensure transparency and accountability.  

*These roles are defined as the leader of a business or those with direct proximity to decision making.
^ Marginalised and minoritised communities.

“Proper commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion is not just the right thing to do – it will also make our work better and more relevant, keep Havas competitive and help attract both talent and clients alike. Indeed, the most diverse companies are now more likely than ever to outperform financially. Change in this area is not just the domain of HR departments – it requires genuine buy-in from the top.”


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