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Hannah Lindley joined Havas Group in October 2021 as a Senior Writer and Editor. She has a background in corporate reputation management, journalism, and creative writing.
Dare!’s latest series – “The Start-up Series” – explores the start-ups that are a part of Havas’s Accelerator programme and the agencies that work with them. This week, we spoke with Yassine Tahi, CEO of Kinetix, to learn more about this deep tech company, which will be working with multiple partners across Havas Group.
We’ve also launched a podcast series to explore these start-ups – so check back every edition to hear more!

How did the idea for this start-up originate and what was the process of bringing it to life? 

I met my fellow Co-Founder Henri Mirande during the Entrepreneur First programme at Station F. After many fruitful discussions, we decided to team up and create something great – pooling our experiences in Deep Learning and Strategic Development to help make the lives of 3D animators easier. Once the first edition was adopted by animation experts, we decided to expand Kinetix’s mission to build a technology that enables everyone to create 3D content.

Why did you decide to get involved with Havas’s Start-Up Accelerator programme? 

Havas is a worldwide leader in the Creative and Entertainment Industry, and we were confident we aligned with their vision. Therefore, we decided to apply for Havas’s Start-Up Accelerator Programme and we were ecstatic when we got selected for it. Havas’s Start-Up Accelerator programme helped us boost our visibility and helped us connect with Havas’s entities and their vast network of partners.

The programme also gave us a platform to showcase our vision, and we are grateful for the valuable guidance we received from the Accelerator programme team – it helped us make the right choices in our development.

“We are grateful for the valuable guidance we received from the Accelerator programme team – it helped us make the right choices in our development.”

What has your experience been like in this programme so far and how has your business grown? 

We’ve had a great experience with this programme and are confident that this will keep benefitting us. Over the past few months, our business activity has been growing because of the guidance we have received and the multiple strategic partnerships we have forged – all thanks to the programme!

From Facebook becoming Meta to numerous announcements around metaverse projects, the industry is booming. Do you think it’s just a buzz or are brands and consumers ready for those technologies? Which industries are poised to create the best experiences?

The Web3 Industry is booming – many traditional brands are entering this space. There has been significant development in technology in Web3, but to make Web3 successful, we need to create helpful innovation. We aim to develop technology and build a platform that enables creators to express themselves freely in the metaverse. In Web2, social media platforms were successful by empowering consumers to create User Generated Content. We strongly believe that Web3 & metaverse projects will succeed in building experiences where users will play a central role.

You can listen to the podcast in French on the official Charbon Podcast, Apple, Amazon, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Deezer and YouTube.

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