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Hannah Lindley joined Havas Group in October 2021 as a Senior Writer and Editor. She has a background in corporate reputation management, journalism, and creative writing.
Dare!’s latest series – “The Start-up Series” – explores the start-ups that are a part of Havas’s Accelerator programme and the agencies that work with them. This week, we spoke with Victoria Duben, CEO and Founder of Viewst, and Béatrice Léonard of Havas Digital Factory to learn more about Viewst.
We’ve also launched a podcast series to explore these start-ups – so check back every edition to hear more!

Béatrice Léonard, International Head of Operations, Havas Digital Factory:

Why is working with start-ups beneficial for your business? 

As an agency, we are in a creative and entrepreneurial space by definition. Our clients always expect us to innovate and go beyond what they already know and understand – that is the reason they come to us. Working with start-ups helps us stay up to date with market trends and offer our clients the very best services that we can provide. It is also important to us to support start-ups and entrepreneurs in their ventures because they are paving the way for new ways of thinking. We want to encourage them to think outside the box so that they can push us to do so as well.

How does Viewst’s expertise complement or enhance the work you’re already doing? 

Digital content production is constantly evolving and moving faster. Today, our clients expect us to produce more with less. To do so, it is imperative to rely on automation tools and not manual, individual production systems. Havas Factory already has a strong set of proprietary production automation tools that allow us to provide our clients with more quality content in a shorter time. Viewst and its desire to automate a part of the banner creation process is a great addition to this set of tools and can help us provide even more solutions to our clients depending on their needs.

“Working with start-ups helps us stay up to date with market trends and offer our clients the very best services that we can provide.”

Béatrice Léonard

Victoria Duben, CEO and Founder, Viewst:

How did the idea for this start-up originate and what was the process of bringing it to life?

Together with the team, and working as a tech-driven media agency, we found ourselves overwhelmed with the number of banners we needed to create. We were pulling our hair out having to turn away clients at peak times because of our lack of capacity to take them on. We communicated this issue with other players in the industry and realised it was a collective issue. And that’s how we decided to create a service to tackle this problem.

Why did you decide to get involved with Havas’s Start-Up Accelerator programme?

We were creating Viewst with professional creative and media teams in mind. To validate the service at the early stage of development we were looking for the shortest path to the big 5 (to the biggest creative and media agencies). That’s how we discovered the Havas Accelerator Programme. It took me a year to successfully complete the application process and to be accepted.  

What has your experience been like in this programme so far and how has your business grown?

The programme boosted Viewst growth from day 1, starting with networking with other start-up founders in this series and at Station F. The best advice and hacks I have received so far have always been from other founders who are slightly ahead of me in terms of their traction.

The biggest value of the programme is the opportunity to test Viewst with several agencies from Havas Media Group and to collect valuable feedback from designers and marketers.

“To get visible to your users or customers and to get needed attention, brands have to be creative on one hand and very personalised on the other.”


From creators to brands and agencies, we see millions of pieces of content from countless media outlets. What would be your recommendations on how to create the right content for your intended audiences? 

These days we receive a lot of digital content from different sources. We are jumping from one thing to another very quickly. To get visible to your users or customers and to get needed attention, brands have to be creative on one hand and very personalised on the other. It is important to constantly keep discovering your audience, its behavioural patterns, interests, etc. And stay agile to resonate. And of course, the quality of content is very important. 

You can listen to the podcast in French on the official Charbon PodcastAmazonGoogle PodcastsSpotifyDeezer and YouTube.

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