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Hannah Lindley joined Havas Group in October 2021 as a Senior Writer and Editor. She has a background in corporate reputation management, journalism, and creative writing.
“We don’t know what’s going to happen, but we know we need to support our people.” — Yuriy Kogutiak, President of Havas Village Ukraine
Hello from Monday’s edition of the Havas Café! Today, our programme features inspirational figures from across our network and insights about the work they do, including a panel from our team in Ukraine and a live podcast hosted by Havas Media Group.

Ukraine 3.0 How to market bravery

Some of our key Ukranian leaders – Yuriy Kogutiak, President of Havas Village Ukraine; Denys Logvinenko, Managing Partner at Havas Digital Kyiv; and Veronika Radchenko, Media Business Director at Havas Village Ukraine came together at the Havas Café on Monday to share information about the current situation in the country, discuss the latest news, and share insight about the ongoing changes happening in the advertising and communications industry. Yuriy Kogutiak noted the rapid effort the Village undertook to rescue and evacuate its people, saying “The Havas network as been very quick in helping us from Day 1, especially helping us relocating employees and their families to surrounding countries, although most of them are expecting a prompt return to Ukraine.”

As Denys Logvinenko said during the talk, “Information has become our real weapon.” The panelists delved into the impact of war and the changes it has caused in media and messaging, storytelling and accents and gave information about how the market has united in the information fight to help Ukraine.

They also shared information about how the Group is living and working now and the birth of the new state Ukraine 3.0.

The Meaningful Media Podcast Event 1: Media Representation Matters

Creating a media ecosystem that is vibrant, diverse and inclusive makes strategic sense for brands and creates meaningful media experiences for people. Over the past two years there has been a long overdue reckoning on the historic under investment in Black and Minority owned media. Creators, producers, and media owners have long struggled to get a representative, let alone a fair share of ad budgets. This is changing, but it’s not changing fast enough. Only by listening and understanding the lived experience of creators can we serve them better as an industry and support them in producing Meaningful Media, the media that matters and which builds enduring and Meaningful Brands.

Havas Media Group’s Ben Downing hosted special guests Kahlil Greene, Creator, Educator & Speaker, TikTok’s ‘Gen Z Historian’ and Krystle Watler, Head of Creative Agency Partnerships, North America, TikTok, to explore the challenges creators face (“the job of a creator can result in burnout,” said Ben Downing, for instance), the support they need to overcome them (“platforms across the spectrum have the responsibility to listen and support…yet be humble,” said Kahlil Greene), and our commitment as a group and industry to provide the seed capital needed to drive representation. This talk celebrated the power of diverse creators and discussed the crucial role agencies, brands and platforms can take to fund and empower these creators for the future — as Kahlil Greene said, “Brands should be very intentional in terms of compensation and transparent with creators.”

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