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Established in 2018, Havas All In is our global Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) programme, and one of the many ways we are building and investing in our culture. It’s an innovative approach because it focuses on engaging all levels of our organisation, without a typical top-down approach.  

It works by making sure every agency has an All In representative or team who leads efforts in areas of DEI important to that location. The representatives are connected to the pulse of their respective agency cultures and work with senior leadership and HR teams to scope, design, and execute All In initiatives. 

The result is engagement around the world in a wide range of DEI initiatives, including ethnic and cultural representation, gender equality, LGBTQ+ inclusion, disability, wellness, age, and other globally important topics.  

In 2020, All In saw 42 agencies start or continue 150 different initiatives, an increase from 2019’s 100 initiatives and 39 agencies. We can see—not just in the number of initiatives and agencies but in the results of our yearly surveys—that we are marking progress in celebrating the richness of our talent and supporting our underrepresented employees.  

Some examples of local agencies initiatives include: 

London, United Kingdom
Mental Health and Wellness

Our Havas HKX has been a leader in efforts supporting mental health and wellness. Core to their work have been a series of education and awareness programmes including leading expert speakers. They’ve even designed their workspace to include a Mental Health and Wellness lounge, which allows employees a quiet and reflective space to unwind and recharge during the workday.

NY, Chicago, Boston, United States
Black At Work

This initiative discusses the impact of racial bias on Black employees in the workplace. Rising out of conversations of race in the US, this group has sought to bring awareness to racial discrimination, especially as it pertains to Black people.

Puteaux, France
Youth Internships

Since 2017 Havas HQ has been welcoming twenty 14 year-old students to complete their required one-week internship. They’ve partnered with “ViensVoirMonTaf” to reach students who come from education systems without strong networks, and spend their time ensuring students have a meaningful experience learning the ins and outs of jobs at Havas and the industry in general.  

Stay connected to All In through our All In Blog and watch as our DEI efforts evolve and grow. 

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