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The Global Mx Awards are an opportunity to celebrate Havas Media Group’s best-in-class Mx-driven campaigns and recognise the talented teams behind them. 
A dedicated group of jurors has been selected from across the network to judge the next round. In Dare! we spoke to a selection of them about what excites them about judging the Mx Awards, their ingredients for a winning campaign, what’s their meaningful media and what Mx means to them.

Jamie Seltzer
Global Managing Director, MarTech and Data Strategy, Havas Media

What’s your Meaningful Media and why? Formula 1: Drive to Survive. As someone who was never into racing, I couldn’t imagine enjoying this series, but not only have I made my way through the docuseries, I have also started watching the races!

Nick Kavanagh
Chief Strategy Officer, Havas Australia

What ingredients should a winning campaign have?
Beyond compelling insights, innovation and demonstrable impact on culture or our client’s business, the very best campaigns – the winners – have at their heart one other, essential ingredient: Simplicity. 

Meghan Grant
President US & Chief Client Officer, Havas Media North America

What ingredients should a winning campaign have?
Killer insight, solid strategy, cohesive use of Mx, and incendiary results.

Ben Downing
Global Managing Director, Ethical Media & Strategic Partnerships, Havas Media Group

What’s your Meaningful Media and why? Apart from the Meaningful Media Podcast? 😊 I recommend OddLots from Bloomberg – it’s one of the best and most informative finance podcasts and is often very listenable.

Renata Spackova
Managing Director Global Digital Operations, Havas Media Group 

What ingredients should a winning campaign have?
The winning mix for any Mx category is, in my view, a demonstrated smart business approach to our clients’ challenges, with measurable benefits and proven positive impact on a client’s business or brand. For Best of Mx Ecommerce that I’m proud to judge this year, the secret sauce should be a blend of holistic and beyond-media approach, generating incremental impact on client’s business. Bold and daring business model would be the cherry on the cake!

Philip Tiongson
Head of Mx and of Data & Analytics, Havas Media Ortega 

What’s your Meaningful Media and why?
My meaningful media are BBC Earth and National Geographic because watching them allows me to discover and learn new things about our awesome planet. 

Valeria Rosiñol
Director Havas Market Mexico / Director Ecommerce, Havas Group Mexico 

What excites you most about judging the Global Mx Awards?
It’s an awesome opportunity to have an eagle eye view on what other markets are doing, the creative way they are solving clients Ecommerce pain points and broaden our own local way of work with their examples.

Sebastien Emeriau
Chief Strategy Officer, Havas Media Group France

What does Mx mean to you?
Mx is like a wonderful day in Disneyland, a way to organise an experience in a seamless, joyful and inspirational way in order to make meaningful memories. 

Alicja Cybulska
Chief Strategy Officer, Southeast Asia & North Asia, Havas Asia Pacific 

What’s your Meaningful Media and why?
CANAL+ Sport – it’s my guilty pleasure to follow WTA tournaments all year round. 

Thomas Minc
EVP, Portfolio Lead, Havas Media 

What’s your Meaningful Media and why?
Right now, Winning Time – The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty on HBO Max. I’ve always had a soft spot for sports movies and series, and who doesn’t like a good show set in the 80s! 

Havas employees can read more from all the other shortlist and final judges on Agora.

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