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Hannah Lindley joined Havas Group in October 2021 as a Senior Writer and Editor. She has a background in corporate reputation management, journalism, and creative writing.
Havas Media Group’s Dan Hagen spoke to Dare! about the latest installment of the Mx Awards. Read more and see the winners below!

Have you seen any changes or different focus areas in the entries to the Mx awards since you started hosting the awards?

Since we launched the awards in 2020, judges have been looking for work that exemplifies the principles of Mx. These principles are evaluating strong, intelligent work that leads to a clear strategy and “Jobs to be Done” framework, identification and use of Meaningful Media, and a blend of Connection, Context and Content to activate a great Media Experience – all leading to effective client outcomes that drive attention to the brand and incremental returns for the business.

One of the biggest changes we have seen is that teams are progressing along the Mx process with greater ease and are able to focus on the brilliance of Mx. Their work is demonstrating that there is a real effort to go beyond the conventions of media planning and devote greater focus to where and when the money is being spent and how experiences are delivered.

We are also getting more campaigns in some of the key growth areas for the business:

  • Ecommerce: a sign that Havas Market, our new Global eCommerce offering launched in 2020, is maturing and delivering a more meaningful media experience in the retail and commerce space.
  • Data and Analytics: we’re seeing an increase in entries that are championing a data led approach to Mx from a consumer insights and Mx Measurement perspective, harnessing capabilities from our Data Sciences Centres of Excellence in Madrid and Buenos Aires.
  • Content: this latest round of the Mx Awards has showcased groundbreaking content work in the metaverse for a number of clients.

How have the Mx awards grown since their creation?

The number of markets participating has increased enormously since we started the Mx Awards. This is a testament to scaled implementation of Mx, but also to the great work from our global awards team and local Mx champions in cultivating a strong Mx Awards network that encourages and supports local markets in the identification and submission of notable work.

The creation of local Mx Awards teams allows us to have a clear view into the work each market is producing, and as time goes by, we are fostering a culture that celebrates this work and the people that make it possible.

Our entry numbers have stabilized since the launch in 2020, and we are now consistently getting 200-250 entries every year. In this latest 6-month edition we had EMEA, NA, APAC and LATAM enter, representing 27 markets entering a total of 117 campaigns.

The successes of the Mx Awards extends beyond the awards themselves – the assets they allow us to create are repurposed in cases, events, pitches, PR and more. Every year we create about ten case study videos and another ten 45 second videos (1st round 2021 Mx Awards and 2nd round 2021 Mx Awards) that are entirely focused on the Media Experiences behind the cases. Today, and with every new edition of the Mx Awards, we can say with greater confidence that our cases are allowing us to show our clients that our strategy and Mx system really work.

“When talent is recognized publicly, as we are currently doing with our Mx Awards Ceremony video, it helps to create a feeling of belonging, of community and of pride in the work we create.”

Do you think the Mx awards play a role in bringing our Havas Media employees together?

The ultimate goal of the Mx Awards is to foster a culture of celebrating the best campaigns that leverage Meaningful Media and the incredible talent within Havas Media Group that create this work. When talent is recognized publicly, as we are currently doing with our Mx Awards Ceremony video, it helps to create a feeling of belonging, of community and of pride in the work we create. We also have a lot of fun producing the awards show!

Another element that is of great importance in bringing employees together is the potential the Mx Awards offer to learn from one another. When you showcase the teams and people behind the winning work, others can learn from them, implement their creativity in other markets and use their strategies to guide other clients. To help foster this sharing, we have been hosting a monthly event called the BEST OF Mx with the teams behind the best winning cases.  Each team presents their campaign focusing on the Mx behind the case, followed by a quick Q&A.

What’s the most inspiring part of hosting the Mx awards?

The work we do for our clients is the ultimate output of the agency. It’s the visible expression of the hard work that thousands of people around the world do every day. It’s also the thing that connects us with consumers and (hopefully) prompts them to take an action with the brands that we represent. And good work just feels great.

I love reading an entry where you can feel the quality of the work without even seeing it. The description alone tells you how engaging it was, or what a difference it made to people, to brands and to businesses. I find that feeling inspiring and motivating – I hope it inspires others to learn from it and see how we can produce something even better in the future.

I also love the judging process, seeing what different judges value and which campaigns float to the top. The occasional arguments about why one campaign is better than another are illuminating – we don’t spend enough time talking about what is great and why it’s great!

What’s next for Havas Media and Mx in 2023?

From my perspective, 2023 is all about bringing together the work we’ve been doing over the past couple of years. We focussed on the Mx process and how we think about media, then we started building new platforms and tools to support that process – 2023 is about bringing those things together and scaling their application across the world.

For the Mx Awards, that means a bigger but less frequent focus. In 2023 we’re moving to an annual process to give teams enough time to build and produce great Mx – harnessing the improved toolkit – and then a real celebration of the work in the second half of the year. Stay tuned for more on this in the New Year!


  • GOLD / Havas Play / Narcotiques Anonymes / NAverse


  • GOLD / Havas Turkey / Reckitt, Finish / Tomorrow’s Water
  • SILVER / Havas Village Vienna / AMA Marketing (Agrarmarkt Austria Marketing GesmbH / Reframing Milk as the Superfood It Is
  • BRONZE / Havas Creative, Arena Media, Havas Sports & Entertainment   Chile / Pedidos Ya! / Pedidos Ya! Protagonist Delivery APP of the Chilean Football


  • GOLD / Havas Play / Narcotiques Anonymes / NAverse
  • SILVER / Havas Media US / Sun-Maid Growers of California / Raisin House
  • BRONZE / Havas Group Perú / Liga Contra el Cáncer / Shameless Night  


  • GOLD / Havas Media US / Keurig Dr Pepper / Dr Pepper College Football Tuition Giveaway
  • SILVER / Havas Business UK / Maersk / Upside
  • BRONZE / Havas Media Group US / National Association of REALTORS® / Good Neighbor News


  • GOLD / Germany / Havas International Germany & Havas Market Germany / ECOVACS / NPD Push Shoppable Ads Campaign
  • SILVER / Havas Media US / Keurig Dr Pepper / Green Mountain Coffee Roasters – DCO


  • GOLD / BETC Havas / TIM / Silent Hit
  • SILVER / Havas Media US / Fidelity Investments  / Fidelity & Twitch Streamers Partner to Help Young People Take Control of their Financial Futures
  • BRONZE / Arena Media Singapore / AIA Singapore / Retirement is for Everyone


  • GOLD / Havas Media Germany / Telefonica, o2 / Converged Campaign Tracking 
  • SILVER / Arena Media Spain / Carrefour / Carrefour Store Sales: Omnichannel Data Boosting for Sales
  • BRONZE / Havas Media Australia / Honey Birdette / Rethinking ROAS


  • GOLD / Havas Media Group / Fidelity Investments / Decentraland Metaverse Promotion
  • SILVER / Havas Media US / Keurig Dr Pepper / Green Mountain Coffee Roasters – Brew Over Ice
  • BRONZE / Arena Media US / Domino’s Pizza / The Most Awakened Show


  • GOLD / Havas Media Canada / Audible / SEM Smart Shopping and Hagakure Method
  • SILVER / Arena Media, OneX HMG Spain / Action Against Hunger / Behind the Word Hunger
  • BRONZE / Havas Performance UK / Bathstore / 2021-22 Blog Articles


  • GOLD / Havas International Spain / MANGO / MANGO Man x Griezmann – The Game Changer
  • SILVER / Havas+ Spain / Movistar Prosegur Alarmas / Movistar Prosegur Alarmas Launch. An Alarm that is not Just an Alarm
  • BRONZE / Havas Tel Aviv / Laisha / Helpline on the Cover


  • GOLD / HOY by Havas Buenos Aires / A.L.M.A. / I Don’t Remember
  • SILVER / Havas Media Australia / Women for Election, supported by UN Women / Power Like You’ve Never Seen
  • BRONZE / Havas Group Perú / Liga Contra el Cáncer / Capture Cancer
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