Dare! is a biannual magazine that presents our Group and its creativity all over the world and explains our Meaningful positioning and our CSR approach as a whole.

#9 Edition
In which we explore identity, one of the fundamental issues of our times.
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#8 Edition
We’re speaking your language. And quite a few others.
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#7 Edition
Today, we face a reckoning with rarity - how we define it, how we interpret it, and how we value it - both within and outside our organisation.
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#6 Edition
Exploring our communities both within and outside Havas and how we can shape them for the betterment of us all.
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#5 Edition
Hope has carried us to this point, taking on a life of its own and shaping our meaningful future.
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#4 Edition
« Adieu 2020 » & thank you for the precious lessons it will have taught us.
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#3 Edition
Dedicated to the resilient people who navigated Havas through the first wave of the pandemic.
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#2 Edition
Exploring truth, a concept that is under challenge within society at large.
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#1 Edition
Bringing our meaningful positioning to life.
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