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In December 2022, CNP Assurances, a leading personal insurer in France, accelerated its transformation with brand-new headquarters in the eco-district of Issy les Moulineaux. To accompany CNP in their transformation, W&Cie worked on the design and branding of its new 25,000 m2 office building. Hear more about this project from Sonja Konig, Executive Creative Director at W&Cie.

What was the purpose of this project? 

The original headquarters needed a major refurbishment, which presented an opportunity to regroup all the different entities of Ile de France in a new location. The goal was to gather all 3,000 employees from the Paris region in a new eco-friendly neighborhood. 

The relocation sparked deep reflection on how the organization operated and the way its workspaces were structured. We created a space tailored to the specific needs of the brand, embodying new ambitions and a desire to improve the quality of life at work.  

Designed to promote exchanges and collaborative work, the building corresponds to the innovative and conquering company that is CNP Assurances”

Stéphane Dedeyan, CEO of CNP Assurances

Why did CNP choose to update their headquarters with an eco-design? 

This relocation reflects CNP’s ambitious strategic development as well as their desire to embody the company’s purpose as a responsible insurer and investor who acts for an inclusive and sustainable society.  

The company invests a lot of time and energy in environmental and social well-being. It was important to put actions behind beliefs that embody the brand’s main values. Increasing the visibility of the company’s CSR commitments also facilitates its attractiveness for both clients and recruitment. 

The choice of relocating to the heart of an eco-friendly neighborhood in a building with High Quality Environmental standards shows a commitment to be more responsible as a brand. This was even reflected in the choice of materials and furniture.  

“Built on the site of France Télécom’s former research and development center, it’s a genuine ‘urban lung’ with nearly 1,000 trees and shrubs. A geothermal pipe, deployed by ENGIE Solutions’ teams, provides all the district’s buildings with their energy needs, minimizing the use of fossil fuels and cutting greenhouse gas emissions by 4 compared with a natural gas system.”

French architectural firm Valode et Pistre

What are the features of this new workspace? 

It’s a 7-floor office building with more than 25,000 square meters for over 2,500 talents. A lobby area, coffee shop and a large restaurant welcome the employees. A locker area, a concierge and many facilities help aid daily life. People can work in an open space, training rooms, small and large meeting rooms – the choice is theirs! The building also has a large rooftop where one can enjoy coffee with a view, the boardroom features an oval table with the latest technology, and the executive committee is situated at the heart of the building with a cozy, elegant design.  

This space is organized to create interaction and spontaneous exchange between the members of the company. All the workspaces are equipped with high-resolution screens and perfect ergonomic positioning, as well as the best quality furniture with more than a quarter of the benches being height adjustable. 

Design-wise, the project was imagined as an intuitive space, with natural materials and calm colors used in quiet spaces, and bold, bright colors in interaction spaces. There are a lot of options for privacy as well – meeting rooms and acoustic pods are available. Each space allows for customization to bring a sense of belonging. 

Can you tell us more about your history with CNP Assurances? 

W&Cie has been working with CNP for the past 5 years on both the evolution of the brand territory and the creation of proprietary graphic assets allowing it to assert its singularity in the insurance market. 

W&Cie wanted to reaffirm CNP Assurances’ position as a pioneer in life insurance and sustainable player via Ariadne’s thread, which represents reassurance and continuity in a constantly changing world. These new offices are a place that is open, welcoming and human with several images that reflect today’s world. 

How long did the development process last? Who did you work with? 

It was a long process. We worked with space planners and building architects for more than 4 years. In the beginning, before Covid, our mission was to develop a design guide for the architects to adapt the project to the client’s wishes. We accompanied the brand through the different phases of the project as consultants, guiding them to the best choices for their brand. As the process evolved and Covid changed the focus, we became responsible for the overall design.  

Did you experience any difficulties? 

Covid resulted in a shift in the project halfway through. We went from imagining three office buildings with standard organization to one building with only flex office space. These changes were difficult for the employees. Workspace projects are very touchy and personal. We needed to involve people and create workshops and internal presentations to walk them through it. The relocation itself was also difficult for people. Change is not easy for most of us, so when the focus changed halfway through the project, in the context of insecurity that we all experienced during Covid, everything became harder. We overcame these challenges and are very happy with the end result – a collaborative, modern, eco-friendly office space. 

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