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Communications Officer
With heatwaves raging around the globe every year, reaching peaks of 43°C, BETC’s latest project with Budweiser is aiming to bring cool beverages in some of the world’s hottest areas.

Introducing the Bud Ground Cooler, the first ever sustainable cooler, designed and created by Budweiser and BETC Paris in partnership with frog. Inspired by ancient techniques, the electricity-free fridge uses the geothermal cooling properties of the ground to capture freshness.

Many countries such as Morocco, Ghana, Mali, India and Pakistan don’t have regular access to electricity, therefore limiting their access to cold drinks that can measurably reduce sweat output and lower body temperature.

The Bud Ground cooler is offering a sustainable ways to help those suffering the most by extreme heat. The groundbreaking innovation, which requires no electricity, can stock up to 300 bottles or cans at below 8°C*, even in hot and humid weather.

Stay tuned to hear more about the project in Dare!.

*as tested in a lab in Paris, France in 2022.

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