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Hannah Lindley joined Havas Group in October 2021 as a Senior Writer and Editor. She has a background in corporate reputation management, journalism, and creative writing.
Our teammates at Havas Lisbon have been doing incredible work over the last few years, pulling awards across the board. We heard from Bernardo Tavares, Senior Creative, and Savio Hatherly, Senior Art Director about the work they’re doing at Havas Lisbon and the inspiration they get from their teammates and their culture.

Can you give us some background on your two winning campaigns?

“Change the News” is the second campaign we created for the NGO Raparigas da Bola. The campaign for 2021 International Women’s Day won 26 trophies, including a Gold Pencil and two Cannes Lions, so we needed to try to come up with a new idea to help the group fight against gender inequality in sports, once again. One year after that idea we launched “Change the News”.

Portugal’s Rarest Lion is the kind of idea that has our DNA. It was supposed to be a post to promote the Silver Lion won by Havas, but we wanted more. Why create only a post if with a few more euros we could produce an idea that would generate more buzz for Havas? And that could be something we could be proud of, and maybe even win awards, which is ironic, because in this case a Cannes Lion would be responsible for making the agency win another lion, or a pencil, or a statue at Clio or something.

 It’s a low budget guerrilla activation – almost a joke – and it’s amazing when your client invests in a joke. Thank you Havas – hope after everything we can laugh together!

What’s the philosophy behind the work you do?

Are you proud enough of this idea to share it with friends and put it in your portfolio? Will people talk about it? Ok, so let’s do it! No? Let’s rethink. There’s no briefing that can’t be turned into a great idea. We need to try at least.

Creating bad ideas will make us spend a lot of time dealing with bad ideas, and we will have much more fun if we get a great idea approved. So we always try to come up with great ideas – whether to share with our friends, to put in our portfolios, to try to win awards, to have fun, and to avoid spending time working on a boring idea.

“We always try to come up with great ideas – whether to share with our friends, to put in our portfolios, to try to win awards, to have fun, and to avoid spending time working on a boring idea.”

What do you think makes your business so successful?

Surfing. Living near the coast. We are neighbors, we love our family time, and we also love surfing! Having quality of life is important for a creative person. If you are happy you will be inspired, and Havas provides us with what we need to be inspired.

About the business itself, we believe that having the goal of always having a remarkable presence at Cannes is something that pushes us to always have good ideas and the success comes with those ideas.

How do you feel you differentiate yourselves from your competitors in Portugal?

As a team we are always trying to get to know all the ideas that exist in the market. We study award-winning campaigns a lot, and we force ourselves to always create many new ideas to increase our chances to make them come to life.

As an agency we make a lot of use of the power of Havas Group. The media team always helps us by using their skills and connections to bring influencers to our campaigns, for free. The Creative Council is also very important –  without their support we wouldn’t be able to make so many entries, and wouldn’t be able to win so many awards. Maybe our competitors can’t invest that much, and this also makes the difference in your marketing. And we need to say that having Paulo Pinto as ECD is something that really differentiates us from our competitors. He always wants to win more and encourages us to do the same.

What’s next for the agency?

Winning Bigger. Last year we won a Silver Lion. This year we won a Silver Lion and a Bronze. Maybe next year we could try to win a lion of each color, not just a gold, silver or bronze, but also a glass and a black.

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