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Isabelle Herman, Chief Marketing Officer at KFC France, Romain Roux, Head of Creative Planning at Havas Paris, and Christophe Coffre, President and Creative Director of Havas Paris, explore the strategy and creative behind KFC’s new communication platform.

Can you tell us about KFC’s new communication strategy?

Isabelle Herman: KFC plans to double the number of its restaurants in France to reach 600 restaurants within five years. We decided that we needed a new approach to the French market to recruit new consumers. We had to be more familiar.

Romain Roux: The thing is that today a majority of French people don’t or rarely eat at KFC restaurants because they think their food is neither good nor tasty (“It’s not real chicken,” or “I don’t know what they hide under their batter, it grosses me out”). That’s problematic when the main driver to visit a fast-food restaurant is the taste of the food. In order to reach their business objectives, we had to change the perception of KFC’s products. That’s how we came out with a simple, differentiating and organoleptic communication platform around crispiness. In a fast-food world where everything is soft (a Big Mac is soft, a Whopper is soft), KFC is crispy. And people love crispy!

How are you going to communicate crispiness?

Christophe Coffre: We are going to start with a brand film in which we will travel in time and discover Colonel Sanders in the heart of Kentucky in 1952. He is in his kitchen, busy preparing a bucket of Tenders with love, expertise and style, using a recipe that results in dinner being as crispy as ever. The story will cross time to arrive in 2021 and delight two young people in a KFC drive-through.

Isabelle Herman, Chief Marketing Officer at KFC France.

Can you tell us about the music?

Christophe Coffre: The story is punctuated by “crispy” music, an original rap creation linking the past and the present. This music, produced by HRCLS, will be the emblem and the common thread of the brand’s communication throughout the year. You’ll even be able to listen to the music on all streaming platforms.

What are the other elements to this campaign?

Isabelle Herman: We have also produced 20 product films where we give pride of place to the icons of the brand by mixing comedy and beauty shots. Or rather should I say “crispy” shots! A poster campaign will bring some crispiness to the main arteries of the territory with macro and gourmet product visuals. And, of course, you’ll see many digital activations and crispy ideas on social media. But I can’t talk about them for the moment. It’s a surprise!

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