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Hannah Lindley joined Havas Group in October 2021 as a Senior Writer and Editor. She has a background in corporate reputation management, journalism, and creative writing.
In a nation of meat eaters, how do you make salmon stand out? That’s what Havas Media Group’s award-winning “Switch it for Salmon” campaign with Tassal Salmon looked to address in Australia.
Dare! got to the heart of the matter by speaking with Danni Dimitri, Head of Strategy, Havas Media Group Australia, to learn about the campaign, which recently won Best Brand Platform at the B&T Awards.

Can you talk about the challenges Tassal Salmon was facing? Did you have any personal experience that contributed to these insights?

Australia is a nation of meat eaters. My background is Greek, which means there is always lamb at the table, so I am definitely one of them. In 2020, the average Aussie purchased 105kg of protein; 90% of which was chicken, beef and pork. Shoppers buy from this repertoire of proteins week in, week out, as they are seen as more valuable choices whilst salmon is considered too fancy for everyday and family meals. The major challenge for Tassal was that people suffer inertia when it comes to their supermarket shop; how they buy protein reflects this. Salmon just wasn’t part of that repertoire.

Can you talk about how you came up with the combined strategies you used to assert category leadership?

We needed to disrupt Aussie’s default behaviour of eating chicken, beef or pork by repositioning Tassal Salmon as a versatile, valuable, and fun protein choice. Our strategy was to jolt people out of their shopping inertia by demonstrating that with Tassal – and a healthy disregard for convention – mealtimes can be more than just healthy, they can be tastier and more fun. Through ‘Switch it for Salmon’, we set out to reposition the brand in people’s minds amongst the competitive protein set. It also set us up to do two things in media:

  • Assert our category leadership through bold media placements and a playful tone of voice.
  • Be contextual to mealtimes, to drive switching and frequency of purchase. 

Why did you choose not to work with celebrity chefs for this campaign?

Instead of working with celebrity chefs, Tassal challenged convention and worked with reality TV talent, who demonstrated a lack of skill in the kitchen, to reassure young Aussies how easy, versatile and exciting cooking with Tassal Salmon could be. Our brand ambassadors Sam Wood and Susie Burrell also amplified content to their network of fans, enabling us to seed our message in an authentic way to ensure receptivity. Our focus on launching big, with earned and owned connections, paid off, resulting in significant earned media.

What did you enjoy most about working on this campaign?

Working collaboratively with a really smart team, both at Havas Media Sydney and Melbourne and across the broader Havas Village. This collaboration extended to the client. We shared strategic thinking as it developed – we didn’t wait for a big final presentation moment. We all went on the journey together. I really feel that has been the best part of working on Tassal, and I know the team does too. The work we produced was interesting and drove commercial results. So everyone is happy!

“Our strategy was to jolt people out of their shopping inertia by demonstrating that with Tassal – and a healthy disregard for convention – mealtimes can be more than just healthy, they can be tastier and more fun.”

Can you speak to some of the results from the campaign? Were there any results that surprised you in particular?

By recalibrating our approach to audience and shifting our focus to breaking protein conventions, ‘Switch It For Salmon’ met and exceeded its targets in sales, share, brand health and audience gains. 

We delivered a 27% increase in retail packaged sales vs the objective of 25%. This exceeded the category growth rate of +12.6% during the same period, which is a pretty amazing result!

‘Switch for Salmon’ also delivered an increase in Tassal’s penetration, growing by 2%, but more importantly, penetration against our growth audience of Young Aussie shoppers under 35 grew by 2%. [Nielsen Homescan Dec 2020]

Why do you think this campaign resonated with consumers?

It was playful and down to earth and really set Tassal up to stand out amongst the broader protein set, getting people, in particular younger Aussies, thinking about salmon as a fun option. The recipe content across the TASTY platform, as well as our reality TV talent sharing cooking tips, encouraged people to try using salmon in ways they haven’t thought of. We also embraced our distinctive brand assets to cut through and celebrated our Tasmanian heritage with the line ‘Tassal, its Tasmanian for Salmon’ – which cued provenance and freshness as Tasmania is naturally associated with being pure and a food capital. All of these factors contributed to the success of this campaign for Tassal, and as a team we are all very proud of the change it created for the business. We can’t wait to create more positive impact through innovative work for this brand.

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