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OUIGO, SNCF’s low-cost train network in France, has unveiled a new communication campaign for more sustainable mobility in 2023. The campaign, created by ROSA PARIS, echoes the daily life of the French who are facing more constraints when it comes to consumption than ever. Hear more from the team behind this campaign in Dare!.

What is the ambition of OUIGO with this campaign?

This year, OUIGO is speaking up for greener mobility, reminding us about the ecological benefits of taking a train. Without pointing fingers or laying blame, OUIGO is addressing our individual responsibility to be actors for tomorrow from an empathetic angle with discourse in line with its brand DNA, using light-hearted humor.

How did you come up with the idea for this campaign?

For most, it’s no longer a matter of raising awareness about the environment, it’s time to take action. But reconciling our motive to do so with our wants and budget can be tricky. OUIGO understands that and considers its offer of an innovative way to make going green easy and accessible a key part of its value proposition. After all, Going Green Without Even Trying is a campaign that intends to ease guilt and reassure those consciously concerned about the environment.

Because there is nothing more satisfying than being able to go green without having to make sacrifices or change our daily habits, OUIGO is highlighting all those small everyday actions we make without even realizing their environmental impact.

Were there any particular successes or challenges you faced while putting the campaign together?

The tricky part of the work was to find a way to match two different topics people struggle to reconcile in one creative campaign.

OUIGO recognizes that taking the train is a choice based more on low prices (starting at 16€) than a conscious effort to reduce CO2 emissions by 96% when compared to driving. It’s a win-win cost reduction for both people (less expensive) and planet (fewer CO2 emissions).

What do you hope the campaign will accomplish?

In the long run, it doesn’t necessarily matter if we go green consciously or not, the result is the same, having a positive impact on the planet. OUIGO wants to restore the pride built around the choice of train travel as low-cost brand. People won’t be torn between their desire to move and the guilt about their carbon footprint.

Can you talk about your history with OUIGO?

OUIGO is low-cost little sister of SNCF with the best prices, fast speed, and for a whole year is offering a new service with low speed and even lower prices. It has been able to create an offbeat brand DNA, with a colorful, joyful and playful universe, whose communications jive well with its public. Rosa Paris and OUIGO have had a fruitful relationship for the past 5 years that has given birth to OUIGO let’s go, a line dedicated to the democratization of travel.

How did you transcribe the universe and tone of OUIGO in this campaign?

The campaign’s three twenty-second films open with intriguing scenes from everyday life, carefully crafted to engage the audience through bright colors and engaging sounds. Each ends with the surprising twist of taking a OUIGO, linked with the tagline “Going Green Without Even Trying.”

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