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Hannah Lindley joined Havas Group in October 2021 as a Senior Writer and Editor. She has a background in corporate reputation management, journalism, and creative writing.
Game on! Next year, France is hosting the global Rugby World Cup, and advertising for the monumental event kicked off this year. Learn more from Jean-Marc Huleux, CEO for Havas & Compagnies, in Dare!.

Can you talk about why the Rugby World Cup is such an impactful moment to celebrate?

From 8 September to 28 October 2023, the world’s rugby stars are coming to France as the Rugby World Cup kicks off, marking the second time that France has organised this major international event!

The 20 best rugby teams will set out to conquer the Webb Ellis Trophy on French soil, kicking off a huge celebration organised throughout the country – not just for the French people but for fans around the world.

Since it was announced in 2017, the Rugby World Cup in France has been built with a strong ambition at its core: to be the first world-class sporting event with a strictly positive impact (both environmental globally and also economically for France), supported by a strong CSR commitment.

What is the aim of the film?

Through a study conducted by BVA, we discovered that only 25% of French people were aware that the Rugby World Cup would be held in France in 2023.

To inspire engagement for the event, we wanted to showcase all the values of fraternity that rugby embodies and position it as a festive, popular event for everyone. The film aims to highlight the inclusion and openness that are the basis of rugby culture. We wanted to present the next World Cup as an opportunity for everyone to come together, we wanted to celebrate the passion and dedication of the teams and athletes.

“We were fortunate to have a close-knit team – everyone was very enthusiastic and highly motivated to make this film.”

How did you put the film together?

We wrote this film in-house in partnership with the creative team of Havas & Compagnies, and then we presented 3 tracks to the France 2023 Communications Department. The emotion was there, so we worked hand in hand with HRCLS, our cousins, and we also partnered with James Lees, a director who we really liked for his creative vision and his interpretation of the film. We were fortunate to have a close-knit team – everyone was very enthusiastic and highly motivated to make this film.

What do you hope reception will be for the film?

We hope that the audience will be both touched and entertained by the story we’re telling, and that the film will illustrate how France 2023’s call to “celebrate solidarity” resonates in more ways than just in respect to rugby. We really want to see the wider public engaged with and excited about this monumental event as we move closer to the World Cup itself!

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