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Senior Writer and Editor
Hannah Lindley joined Havas Group in October 2021 as a Senior Writer and Editor. She has a background in corporate reputation management, journalism, and creative writing.
This year, Havas acquired Front Networks, an award-winning independent creative agency focusing on social and digital marketing in China. Dare! spoke with Havas Front Networks’ Founder and CEO Felix Teng to hear more about his decision to join Havas Group and their experience as part of the Group so far.

Can you give us some background on Front Networks?

Havas Front Networks is an independent interactive marketing agency founded in 2004. Headquartered in Beijing, with a branch office in Shanghai, it currently employs more than 200 professionals and specialists. Having served more than 60 international brands, Front Networks maintains solid partnerships with all clients by always building synergy and professional chemistry.

Why did you decide to join Havas?

I believe that joining an international group like Havas opens new horizons for our whole team and can give us more opportunities in the digital marketing business. I met Yannick in late 2019 at Havas’ Shanghai office and we had very engaging and productive discussions about the future of our companies. We share the same vision on a lot of things, and I was very touched by his enthusiasm and entrepreneurship – all factors that convinced me to join the group.

“We’re really excited to continue getting in touch with great talent from the worldwide Havas Group network.”

How do your capabilities ladder into the work Havas does?

We can add a digital and social media touch into the creative and media work Havas provides to its clients and create more dynamic and exciting content for a younger generation of consumers in China. I think this will help Havas to be more competitive in China’s nonstop changing market environment.

What about your future as part of the Group excites you the most?

We’re really excited to continue getting in touch with great talent from the worldwide Havas Group network, learn the newest trends in advertising from the group, and open our eyes to ideas and activations on a global scale.

Are there any key goals you’re striving for?

To win some worldwide/international awards – a Cannes Lion for example!

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