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Andrea Siqueira, Executive Creative Director of BETC/Havas Brazil, explains the creative behind #HerShe, the agency’s latest campaign for Hershey’s. 

The campaign, first launched last year, expanded across the globe in 2021, and was rolled out in Puerto Rico, India, Dubai and the US. 

Here, Andrea talks about the innovative campaign which empowered female artists and supported mentorship for women around the world.  

Can you tell us about the concept behind this year’s #HerShe campaign? 

In 2020, we noticed the “her” and “she” in Hershey’s name. Then, for International Women’s Day, we transformed real packaging into a canvas, and invited artists to showcase their work. In 2021, the campaign became even bigger! Alongside eight iconic and unique packagings, we promoted a music video starring rapper and feminist Yzalu, which included all the eight women featured within the campaign. We invited all women to participate in the campaign through Hershey’s social media networks. A large virtual exhibition became a visibility platform for more than 130 different artists on the brand’s Instagram. To reinforce the brand’s commitment, #HerShe is supported by a mentoring programme, in partnership with Plano Feminino, a consultancy focused on gender, race, and diversity, with more than 30 hours of video-classes and workshops. 

The exclusive packaging featured dancer Aline Constantino, photographer Filipa Aurélio, and actress and poet Luz Ribeiro among others. How did you choose who featured? 

As well as the mentoring programme and workshops, Plano Feminino helped us to curate the artists. We looked for diversity; different ages, backgrounds and expressions of art. 

The packaging incorporated AR technology, can you tell us about that? 

We wanted the consumers to have a full experience with the women’s art, so, if you point your mobile at the packaging, you will notice the art will begin to move as well! 

Tell us about the video “What’s Your Dream?” How did it elevate the campaign? 

It’s a music video that is a piece of art in itself; from the original song to all of the feminist visual references like Tarsila do Amaral, Maria Bonita, Frida Kahlo and Angela Davis. It also pays homage to the struggle of women who dream of living from their art but face adversity.  

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