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Bobby Pawar, Chairman & Chief Creative Officer, Havas Group India, chats about a modern campaign that launched Citroën to Indian consumers for the first time.

What was the main goal of this campaign?

The objective of the campaign was to introduce the Citroën brand to Indian consumers. Our goal with this campaign was to launch this international brand with French roots in a big way and let people know this brand with more than 100 years of automotive innovation is NOW IN INDIA!        

Why was this such an important moment for Citroën?

Citroën is well known in the European market, but an unknown brand in India. Moreover, Citroën is the 32nd OEM (original equipment manufacturer) to enter the cluttered Indian automobile market. That’s why it was important for Citroën to create brand familiarity, awareness and establish its 100+ years of innovation in comfort before launching its first vehicle in India.

Can you tell us about the creative and the concept of this campaign and how does it connect with its audience in India?

The idea of the campaign is to depict Citroën’s history of making journeys comfortable and to demonstrate how it will make a difference to Indians.

The campaign features a young, modern couple. Can you tell us about the casting and how it fits in with the message?

The couple is an embodiment of modern India that has one leg in the future while the other is rooted in the country’s rich traditions. By showing how we can add a measure of comfort in some aspects of their lives we bring alive the notion that Citroën is “Inspired by you. Inspired by India.”

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