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Patricia Murphy joined Havas Group in October 2019 as a Senior Editor and Writer. She has a background in digital journalism and content creation.
The party is just getting started in Havas Geneva, as the team celebrates a Silver Lion for Creative Data in recognition of their work with CANAL+.

Gabriel Mauron, Co-Manager & Creative Director of Havas Village Geneva, tells us about the award-winning ‘Waiting Wins’ campaign, a creative data activation in the heart of Geneva airport.

Congratulations on your Lion! What does it feel like to win one?

Thanks a lot! We’re really proud and it’s an amazing feeling. For the teams, the agency, the client, the partners and all the people involved. It is a great source of motivation for us all!

Tell us a little bit about this campaign, why do you think it connected so well with the jury this year?

I believe, it connected with the jury because it is a simple idea and it was a great experience for the audience. This idea was born from the collaboration of all business units at the agency (creative, media and customer experience). It began with a media opportunity at Geneva airport. Then, we looked for a simple insight that could support and highlight CANAL+’s brand purpose. Once we had the idea, we were able to collaborate with the airport (and get access to the late flights data in real-time) to make sure we created a great experience for the audience. I can say that it was a beautiful team effort. And of course, the special relationship we have with CANAL+ helped a lot. The trust and support they gave us, pushed us in the right direction. 

It’s been a wonderful year at the festival for the Group so far, how does that recognition impact Havas?

First of all, congratulations to all the winners! We couldn’t be happier to see so much great work coming from our network. They each deserve a round of applause! We’re also thinking of all the ideas that didn’t make it through. Throughout the past two years, I have seen so much incredible work come from this network and the competition was high at this year’s festival. This recognition makes me so proud to be part of this family and part of this global success. This kind of news creates a lot of motivation. 

How will you and your team celebrate?

Good question! We already celebrated a bit yesterday, but it was not enough! We’re certainly due an agency party soon.

What are some of the trends that you feel are dominating at Cannes this year?

I still have to analyse all of the winning work but a massive high five to the juries, I can’t imagine how intense it must have been. What I really liked in the cases I’ve seen so far is that simplicity is at the heart of ideas. Maybe it is due to the situation we have faced these last two years. I am thrilled to see that clients are really supportive and keen to take a chance on courageous ideas. That’s really promising!

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