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Female-founded clothing brand ba&sh has launched ‘Blazers for Trailblazers’, a new programme which renames iconic blazers from its collection after inspiring female entrepreneurs, with all sales profits donated to support their company or project.

Anne-Laure Brunner, Managing Director at BETC Paris, tells us about BETC’s involvement in the project and why it is so unique.

Tell us about Blazers for Trailblazers and what inspired this campaign.

Founded by 2 female entrepreneurs, Barbara Boccara & Sharon Krief, ba&sh wanted to “pay forward” to the next generation of female entrepreneurs and after discovering the shocking statistic that only 3% of institutional investments go towards female-founded ventures, we thought well, only 97% to go!

The blazer is both a staple of the ba&sh collection and a very iconic piece of clothing to any woman meaning business. That’s how the idea of Blazers for Trailblazers came to be: renaming blazers from the collection after female entrepreneurs and giving them all the profits from the sale of their namesake blazers.

How were the first four female trailblazers chosen and why were they the right fit?

As the brand operates globally, we wanted to find trailblazers in China, the US and in Europe. We contacted different organisations supporting female entrepreneurships locally and we selected the first ones whose endeavours were aimed at supporting women or encouraging more sustainable practices: Chloé Hermary, the founder of Ada Tech School, the first coding school for women in Europe; Candace Reels in the US, founder of the Female Collective; Yemeng Li in China who founded the Shanghai Yuxuan Cultural and Creative Company which leverages art to foster more sustainable ways of living and Emna Everard, the founder of Kazidomi, a French e-commerce platform focused on healthy and organic products.

We wanted to get started as soon as possible. Women can’t wait. So, we launched the initiative as soon as we found those four women and we are already working on next year’s chapter. 

Tell us about the media campaign for Blazers for Trailblazers.

The brand usually communicates mainly on social media, which we did once more for the launch of Blazers for Trailblazers, including heavily promoting our trailblazers on LinkedIn. We also wanted to let big finance and opinion leaders know that we were taking the matter of supporting female-founded ventures into our own hands and maybe inspire them to do the same, so we ran the campaign in financial newspapers like the FT, the WSJ, Forbes and Hurun.

What makes this project so unique?

This initiative will run each year with different women. It is not often that we find an idea that can really change the future of young female entrepreneurs year after year. 

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