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When the Responsible Party Prevention Programme created by Pernod Ricard calls on young people to show responsibility by drinking more during parties… water is what they’re talking about.

Aline Bouchez, Strategic Planner at Buzzman, tells Dare! about the agency’s involvement with prevention campaign “Drink More”, which encourages young people to drink responsibly when they party.

Tell us a little bit about the campaign and the message it set out to amplify.

Pernod Ricard’s prevention programme “Responsible Party” wanted to convince gen Z to party without excess. We knew that the challenge was going to be tough because of the post lock-down context. Young people were craving for the craziest “reopening” nights. They were reclaiming their lost pandemic year and that was quite understandable. To create impact and reach our target audience, we decided to use their points of reference (out-of-control nights documented on social media) and to focus on one single recommendation to help them manage their long-awaited reunions: drink more water!

How did you source and produce the footage for the video campaign?

Sourcing was not really a problem – we all have many examples from real life when we realised we should have drunk more water! Producing this campaign was a totally different challenge. We needed to recreate this in real life with the actors, props, and locations being as authentic as possible. It was a tricky exercise, especially in the context of the pandemic. After a year and half in lockdown, the whole crew had a lack of context and we realised that acting drunk was actually very difficult.

Tell us about the media campaign and how it has been shared?

The Drink More campaign has been launched on social media in 50 countries. It was obviously the best starting point considering the creation (authentic lifestyle) and target audience we wanted to reach (youth). To create as much virality as possible, we needed a strong personality connected with the nightlife scene and influential on our target audience, so we enlisted French DJ, record producer and songwriter, David Guetta, to exclusively publish the film on his Instagram and Facebook pages.

What’s it like to work on a project like this and were there any interesting moments while making this campaign?

One of the most exciting parts of this campaign was to challenge traditional health awareness campaign norms. The campaign is an awareness campaign, but it doesn’t look like one. The client’s energy to make a change in this very normative sphere was impressive and such a refreshing and exciting experience. We adopted an awareness behavioural approach (drink more water) while using our best creative advertising skills, embarking everyone on this journey to efficiently reduce alcohol-related harm.

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